Home Health Services Portal

for Tactical Management

A provider of home health care services, the company had been successfully managing schedules and patient appointments using a collection of tools.

The CEO wanted one platform that could be used for everything from screening new patients for appointments to handling medical records received from field nurses. He was looking for a solution that would allow them to expand the business.

The solution was a multiple function SharePoint site with a custom SQL database. The custom database did the heavy lifting for handling patient records and the SharePoint framework provided the tools.

A comprehensive set of user profiles was developed that would support the business needs and allow for a clean security design.

Each role was defined using standard business practices, tasks normally performed by someone in that role, and the level of access to patient records (HIPPA compliance) required. For instance, a Case Manager needed to view (but not change or add) patient records. The intake staff were expected to focus on verifying contact information. They had no need to view the patient in-home visit reports.

Each functional area of the site was secured according to the requirements for access and HIPPA standards. Initial contact with patients was logged. When a patient wanted to schedule an appointment, the case manager was automatically notified and could review the field nurse calendars for bookings. Personalized medical history forms could be attached to the appointment record. Automatic emails were sent to the field nurses to alert them to new bookings and remind them of upcoming appointments.

The medical history forms used by the field nurses were also available online. They could be filled out using any device – laptop, desktop, iPad, tablet, or phone. After completion, the forms were automatically locked and securely sent back to the site. Side-by-side panels provided the medical coding interface.

Dashboards in various sections of the site tracked status and metrics. A full suite of reporting tools was available to handle business management, patient records management, staff management, and payor reporting.

The system was designed to account for a monthly update process which required counts on new, updated, and existing records.


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