Selected Articles

Kansas City Small Business Monthly, May 2001Ground Rules for Taking off on International Travels

Published in the Kansas City Small Business Monthly in 2001, this article was adapted from material used in our book highlighted above, Going East or West? A Handbook for American and Chinese Business Travelers. This article offers a brief overview for first-time international business travelers and some tips for travel success.

A Case Study in Multilingual Site Design: China 2002

Documents a project in Zhengzhou in 2002 to start building a website and to teach multi-language site design for the Henan Branch of the CCPIT (China Council for the Promotion of International Trade) under a UN Development Programme grant. The goal was to build a prototype and develop requirements for a multiple-language martial arts travel and tourism web site.

Kansas City Small Business Monthly, March 2002On the Psychology of Self Defense

Published in the Kansas City Small Business Monthly in 2002, this article addresses the issue of self defense in practical terms and illustrates a “self defense mindset” which can be applied by anyone.

A World View of Good Technical Publications: Perspective on China

Presentation at the STC Society for Technical Communication 47th Annual Conference on the applicability of the STC Publications Judging Criteria to technical publications from around the world.

Designing Multilingual Web Sites: Applied Authoring Techniques

The abstract for a workshop on Designing and Authoring Multilingual Websites. The workshop was part of the Association for Computing Machinery SIG DOC conference in October 2001.