Intranet Training Portal

for Office Mart

Affiliate Intranet

The portal was built to manage a large archive of materials, provide training tools and general business compliance tracking. Keeping all the files in shared folders was both difficult to manage and hard to navigate.

eBooks and Guides

Creating a set of eBooks for online use was accomplished using IssueM. It provided an easy-to-manage framework for all the documents and a nice display of the finished sets. Covers were created and sized using GPL images. Standard image sizes were created to for the interior pages. The table of contents for each book was displayed below the cover using the Advanced Sidebar Menu.

Training Courses

The primary goals for the training courses were two-fold: 1) provide a learning path through the archives and 2) address the need for general compliance tracking. With such an extensive archive, just having a list of what to do was not enough. Using a learning structure, a new user could be guided through the archive and a record of the activity created. General questions about the materials were presented in quiz format.