Information Systems


What is an information system? Ask 20 people and you will probably get 25 answers. Some will talk about hardware. Some will say software. Others will talk about content. We tend towards “all of the above.”

Books were (and still are) an “information system.” In today’s thinking however, they would be digital books. In the pre-digital era, a card catalog was the library’s “database.”

Books contain content (words, pictures) that is collected and organized in an accessible and (ideally) logical fashion. Except for the delivery options, not much different than a well-designed website.

Our information systems services focus on:

  • Systems Evaluations – strategies, governance, planning
  • Content Management – tools, recommendations, implementations
  • Information Architecture – design, usability
  • Process Management – analysis, metrics, automation
  • Business Intelligence – reports, dashboards
  • and Books – digital, training, reference