Conferences and Presentations

Conferences and Presentations

Hosting a conference requires organizing, scheduling, and planning along with the ability to attract presenters, attendees, and advertisers. It’s more akin to handling jazz orchestra than conducting a philharmonic.

Presenting at a conference is easier than hosting one. Even so, proper preparation, timing, and a good moderator can make all the difference.

Nassal – SharePoint/Office 365 Features
Nassal Corp. wanted a better solution for managing team collaboration. Their fabrication shop in Orlando handled design and production; field teams handled installations for their global customers. Accurate, timely communication among team members was essential. The company leadership requested a presentation in 2014 to cover the features of SharePoint 2013 and help identify how they could leverage the cloud. They also wanted a road map for implementation to help them evaluate the impact, costs, and risks.

ALI – Content Management Strategy
ALI (Advanced Learning Institute) hosts professional education conferences in various US cities. Terri was invited to present a company case study at their 2013 conference in Chicago. She delivered a presentation highlighting her content management strategy for “Ensure a global audience can access our site on whatever device they have.”

Strayer Symposium – Emerging Markets: China
Strayer University hosted a conference for local businesses and university students to discuss Business Opportunities in Emerging Markets in 2012. Terri was invited to discuss her experience with China from the small business perspective and participate in a group panel discussion.

Strayer University – Market Dynamics: China
Strayer University invited Terri to give a presentation on market dynamics in China, with particular focus on 2012 consumer markets and current trends in consumer buying.

AIB Southeast – Annual Conference
The theme of the Academy of International Business – Southeast chapter 2011 annual conference was Globalization and Emerging Economies. Terri was invited to participate in a panel discussion to address topics and questions regarding China.

Trade Tour Briefing – Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce
In 2008, the chamber was preparing to travel to China and while they had everything arranged through a travel service, invited Terri to deliver a general briefing to the participants. Topics included currency exchange, what to expect, and what to pack (or not).

CCPIT Tianjin – Market Entry
The China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Tianjin office was hosting a ‘going-abroad’ workshop for local businesses in 2007. Terri was invited to discuss US Market entry strategies and participate in an open QA session.

China Business Strategies
Envisioned as a business development and marketing platform, Terri organized and hosted two events in Orlando and Atlanta in 2007. Her goal was to bring together local business leaders who could speak to the business and cultural questions, identify potential areas of cooperation, and promote opportunities for cooperation.

ITCKC World Trade Week
Every year, the International Trade Club of Kansas City hosted a World Trade Week. The events included various presentations, gatherings, and a two-day conference. Each year, the theme focused on a different country or region. For the 2001 event, the focus was China. Terri was a member of ITCKC and involved in several aspects of organizing the conference – managing the web site, preparing invitations, mailings, and coordinating print production of the event brochure.