VA Funding Application

for Wudang Research Association

VA Funding Application

I had been working on some updates to a client’s web site. He provided “Horses for Vets.” He asked me if I knew about the VA Grant program that could help support his charity.

As I looked at what the program was intended to support, he was clearly a good candidate. Equine therapy is something the VA funds.

It turns out, taiji is also something the VA funds. My client wasn’t able to get all the registrations or documentation he needed in time to meet the deadline for the grant application. I suggested he try in 2021.

I had the registrations and completed the application. I was not among the grantees. Unlike the process of getting a loan where if you meet the criteria and have the resources, the loan can be approved. Grant funding is rarely guaranteed.

Learning the process of preparing the application, budgets, and all the related documentation was valuable all by itself.