Executive Briefing: SharePoint

for Nassal

The company was looking for options to better manage their global file sharing and project communications. They had several systems in place, but wanted a closer look at a SharePoint / Office 365 solution. They were not sure what the specific benefits would be or what they would need to do if they decided to implement.

Two presentations were delivered to the executive team and project managers. The first was an introductory overview of the SharePoint/Office 365 offering with a focus on the solutions that could meet their needs. The second included results of a series of interviews and analysis along with a model for a hypothetical project.

The model was a live SharePoint 2013 site designed specifically to address the company needs. It included an RSS feed from an alerts-enabled project discussion list for instant team notifications and ongoing update tracking.


SharePoint 2013, Office 365, PowerPoint, Presentations, Project Planning, Interviewing, Analysis, Budgets, Pricing