Six Sigma and SOPs

for Office Depot

The Inventory Management group had implemented a new Oracle Retek system. The existing inventory management, ordering, and stock level procedures had to be updated to match the options in the new software.

The new procedures did not match the old ones. The software had different modules and the best-practices for how to handle tasks had changed. Unlike SOPs for a physical process such as Receiving or Shipping, there were fundamental differences created by the new software. Some old procedures were no longer needed. New procedures had to be created.

This presentation outlined the issues and provided an analysis of existing process evaluation metrics, then refactored the metrics using Standard Deviation and Root Cause Analysis (Six Sigma). It included details for selecting team members, discovery processes, and success metrics for the proposed SOP development process. Six Sigma methods were proposed to guide both the development process and the resulting SOPs.


Six Sigma, PowerPoint, Process Management, Standard Deviation, Process Capability Analysis, Process Design