Procedures and Training Portal

for Office Depot

I was creating a new set of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for Office Depot to align with their new Retek software. All teams needed access to the new SOPs, training guides for the software, and the reference guides for the software.

The lead trainer had created an online (+PDF) solution to house all the related materials, but users often couldn’t find the particular documents they needed at the time they needed them.

We created a comprehensive portal to provide a one-stop repository for the entire Supply Chain group. The design incorporated existing corporate standards, branding, and customized icons.

Navigation was fully integrated. A user could access any document from main page and from within any document. So, if a person was looking at a flow chart for a procedure, the related training document was available with one mouse click and where there was a system interaction, the reference guide for that particular system function was also linked. The training documents were back-linked to the first step the procedure group.


Content Management, Graphic Design, HTML, CSS, Navigation schemas, Interactions, Usability