China Trade: Healthcare

for the United States Trade Development Agency

The US Trade and Development Agency requested bids for a definitional mission to investigate possible ICT funding opportunities in China. The focus on information and healthcare technologies was intended to discover local, regional and national opportunities to advance medical care.

USTDA withdrew the request. The project was not awarded to anyone.

A number of potential projects could have been identified via existing US agencies and trade groups. The ability to objectively investigate opportunities and determine their viability required not only an understanding of the language and culture, but also a keen understanding of the various legal and trade issues.

Seeking out opportunities in China meant traveling in-country, meeting with various delegations from public and private groups, and ensuring that the appropriate budgetary considerations were included in the final report.

My being a fluent Mandarin speaker with 20+ years experience in China made it possible for me to address the details required for the proposal, clearly define the challenges, and prepare a comprehensive budget.


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