130 Country Reporting System

for the United Nations

The UN Development Operations Coordination Office (DOCO) issued a procurement notice for creation of an online reporting database application to manage annual and interim reporting from 130 countries. The system had to be capable of tracking report submissions as well as aggregating the data for review. The current system was mostly manual, with each country manager using FTP to submit worksheets.

My proposal won.

One of my strategies was to use the existing reports (public domain) to model the metadata and illustrate the potential for country specific and cross-country results.

Each country manager needed to be able to address their specific needs and report in an manner suitable to that country’s planned initiatives. DOCO, as the funding monitor, needed to be able to track the funds, expenditures, and progress towards desired outcomes. The addition of a common set of metadata elements was a key¬†element in the reporting solution.


Analysis, Database Design, Project Management, Estimates, Bid Evaluations, Scheduling, Risk Management, Business Intelligence, Metadata, Strategy, Mandarin, French, Multi-cultural background, Internet systems design and delivery