Testing Portal and Help System

for Informix

The database engineering testing teams required access to testing tools as well as test results. A basic web page had been developed and was functional. But it was awkward to manage and navigate.

The Platform Director wanted an updated look with an easy-to-navigate interface.

I created a new portal with a clear, streamlined interface. Each test harness version was clearly marked with the related tools and reports available. Instead of spending developer time on updating the main page, the related links could be added in minutes by anyone.

My primary role on the team was writing and developing a help system for the new testing tools. I initially created and tested a Java version, but it didn’t perform as quickly as the plain HTML version. I used Javascript to create an expanding menu and a two-panel frame (popular at the time) to set up the pages.


HTML, Content Management, Content Architecture, JavaScript, User Interface, Usability, Testing, Design