Mobile GeoFence Solution

A Special Gift, Just for You

NBC Universal Hackathon Challenge

Originally, the design was to provide an app that would help reduce the time a guest has to stand in line. But the reality is that most people standing in line do not have any device at hand. No loose items are allowed on the most popular rides. Someone is usually sitting nearby, holding the bags and looking at a phone.

Waiting has benefits

Why not offer that person a coffee? or an ice cream? or a discount on a gift item. Or, maybe a suggestion for where to go for lunch?

What’s nearby?

Using geofences and beacons together with a smartphone, the guest can receive notices from nearby merchants. By extension, the same “make the wait worthwhile” approach can be used to send passing guests special offers.

The technology can limit the number and type of notices so the guest is not inundated. Similarly, the offers can be targeted to the type of guest or the group. By incorporating a redemption code, it’s possible to track purchases and refine the offers, making them more relevant to the guest.


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