Market Analysis

Market Analysis

Who’s buying? Who’s the competition? What are the risks? How much can we sell? These are the fundamental questions. The answers are found in the details. Getting the details is the challenge.

Straw Hat Trading Company, LLC – Wine and Specialty Foodstreasure400
Market research included competitive pricing, distribution, costs, sales channels, producers, and import/export requirements for wines and specialty foods. Source markets: US, Italy, Canada, Australia Target markets: United States, Mainland China.

United States Trade Development Agency – RFP for China Market Research
Boosting global exports for US companies is one of the primary goals for USTDA. They wanted first-hand research for US Medical Device manufacturers seeking to enter the Mainland China markets. Issues included trade regulations, intellectual property, and market readiness.

Wudang Research Association – Online Games Initiative
In the early days of online games, the company had developed a concept design for an immersive, online MMORPG (Massively Multiple-player Online Role Playing Game). Market research included full deployment options, market acceptance, and risks for intellectual property in China.

Dodson Group – Insurance
Data Warehousing was a new concept in the mid-90s. The Dodson Group, an insurance firm wanted to leverage their expertise in the insurance industry by building a data warehouse system with a set of fully customized business intelligence tools. They needed to understand the fledgling BI market and their competitors in the software to position their offering.