Niche Recruiting Software

The company wanted to explore how they might use their expertise and contacts in the Franchise industry to match brand executives with positions. The first step was to create a portal that could be used to advertise the offering, recruit potential clients, and provide the company with a viability test platform before they invested in a full roll-out.

Responsive design was employed to create a cloud-based application that could meet the initial test requirements. Prospective clients (brands or executives) could register and complete a brief questionnaire about their needs (brand) or interests (executive). Correspondence tracking tools were built-in to manage each account. Reporting tools correlated multiple searches for a single brand. Business sectors were used to identify potential matches between executives and brand needs.

The site was designed to allow for ongoing development should the company decide to pursue the offering.


C#, MVC, SQL, Bootstrap, Content Management, Custom Development, CSS, Design, Writing, Marketing