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This version of our Project Value calculator does not save the data. Print the page when you're done if you want to keep the results.

Earned Value and Project Completion Estimates

Expected Duration and Cost

Expected duration of project (in months) *

Expected total cost of project (BAC Budget at Completion) *

Expected cost of project per Month = $ 0

Schedule and Planned Value

Project Start Date *

Current Date (Today) *

Duration of Project (to date) = 0 months

How much of the project has been completed to date?

Planned Completion (to date) = 0%

Planned Value (PV) = $ 0

Our Project Value calculator uses a simple 30 days/month in the date calculation to render the results.
If you need something that includes weekends, holidays, and variations for days per month, this isn't it.

Project Costs / Value (to date)

Actual costs for the project (to date) *

Actual completion (to date) *

Earned Value (EV) = $ 0

Cost Performance / Variance (to date)

Cost Performance Index (CPI) = 0
Less than 1 = Over Budget
For every $1 spent, 0 value is received.

Cost Variance = $ 0
Will be negative for projects that are over budget

Schedule Performance / Variance (to date)

Schedule Performance Index (SPI) = 0
More than 1 = Ahead of Schedule

Schedule Variance = $ 0
Will be positive for projects that are ahead of schedule

Estimates for Completion

Estimate at Completion (EAC) = $ 0

At the current rate, the project costs at completion will be ________.

Estimate to Complete (ETC) = $ 0

At the current rate, the project requires _________ to complete.

Variance at Completion (VAC) = $ 0

Project will be ________ over/under budget at completion. (negative = over budget)