Medical Textbook Article

in Clinician's Complete Guide to Complimentary and Alternative Medicine

Taiji (T’ai Chi) Medical Benefits and Modalities

Dr. Donald Novey, M.D. was creating a comprehensive guide to Complimentary and Alternative Medicine for mainstream medical practitioners in the US and Canada. He provided editorial guidelines for each practitioner to explain their modality in language familiar to medical practitioners and in it’s own terms.

My writing contribution was in two parts. First, I prepared the full English text, along with references to published research. Second, I translated (Mandarin/Simplified-English) two original research studies conducted by Prof. Liu Yuzeng in China and summarized his findings.

Throughout the project, keeping open communication between myself and my co-author in China, Prof. Liu, was essential as was keeping Dr. Novey updated on our progress.

The completed book (~855pp.) was published by Elsevier in 2000.


  • Translation (Mandarin/Simplified-English), Technical Writing (Medical), Project Management

Project Date:

  • 2000