Financial Tracking Database with Analytics

for BRAT Software

Builder Reporting and Analysis Tools

The software is designed as a BI management tool, not a comprehensive project management system. It won’t replace Quick Books or MS Project. It can replace all those Excel spreadsheets that keep track of pipelines and projects.


Select a customer and define the elements for a job, including dates and pricing. An Estimate may have any number of Elements. Job Totals are calculated and the final total retained. Automatically converts an Estimate to a Contract and locks the Estimate.

money time

Knowing that you went over budget doesn’t help after the job is finished.


You wouldn’t build a house with just a hammer, why run your business with just a spreadsheet?


Don’t chase your numbers. Track the trends.


  • Database, physical design, SQL, Visual Basic, forms design, reports, Queries, custom SQL scripting, user messages, system design, logical processes, automation, user interface.
  • Website, marketing copy, design docs
  • Pricing, marketing strategy

Project Date

  • 2015